Music # The Shins or Why I Should Stick To Mainstream

hello there,

today is about a band that – to me – appeared to be very unknown until recently. the shins are this extremely good group from albuquerque (don’t you just love the sound of albuquerque? i know i do), and i’ve stumbled upon them some years ago, when i was watching one tree hill. they’ve used “pink bullets” there, and i liked the song, googled it, heard it a couple of times and went on with my life.

now – a week ago, i was searching for listenable albums in your average electronics store, but was soon faced with the frustration of not finding anything i liked, because the bands i like; they usually don’t make it into the german charts. (such first world hipstery problems, i know) but: after having orbited the shelves for probably seven times, i found “wincing the night away” by the shins, which did not only surprise me, but literally made it stand out between all the miserable stuff i found searching under t for trespassers william. so, i bought it. still feeling giddy* about finding this somewhat “older” album from an unknown band, i ran home with it to check it out, first thing. and it’s great. it really is. i must say, i was quite proud of myself. first, for skimming through all the other crap of letters a-z. second, for actually finding something i wanted to buy (which doesn’t happen too often), and last for knowing about a band called the shins, at all.

maybe you already know where this is heading… i eventually started talking to my friends about it (like crazy, i might add) and at some point, one of my friends at work said something like “oh yeah, i’ve read about them” – in a magazine. she read about the shins in a german music magazine (called “intro”). their name was even on the cover, as i was to find, later. slightly puzzled, i read the article and deservedly face-palmed myself alongway (i’m not yet sure, if i face-palmed myself or if the magazine’s pages and pages about the shins did it.). apparently, “wincing the night away” ranked number 2 in the american and canadian billboard charts. and apparently, their songs were not only played on one tree hill, but also on scrubs and the sopranos**. and then i saw it: it said: “thus it has been an honour to meet him, the singer of the biggest small band on earth (bla bla)” so yeah. the biggest small band. kinda on the threshold of becoming mainstream. and oh my, i was surprised to find their album…

don’t get me wrong, here: i’m not the kind of person who dislikes groups that gain – or have already gained – fame. i just strongly believe now, that you might at least have heard of them, if not bought their album, yourself. i kinda hope, you haven’t (cause then, this whole post would have missed its point, completely). so, if i’m lucky and you didn’t know them before, i advise you to take a look at “australia”, “pink bullets” and maybe all the other songs by the shins. but take in small doses, the beauty of it might just overwhelm you.



*(giddy) i just looked it up, apparently its synonymous with silly and dizzy… isn’t it?

**fun fact: another band played on both the sopranos’ soundtrack and one tree hill is led zeppelin, and i believe, those were the only two shows that ever got a license to play them on tv. but no warranty on that, i’m not even close to being sure.


Between Order And Randomness


i feel like that first post of mine turned out sort of wrong. it was supposed to be some kind of: “what-you’ll-find” thing, but it seems there is need for an introduction to the introduction.

so, instead of editing that post, i will just specify myself, now.

this blog will be about music. i want to maybe show you great artists you haven’t heard of. (although i don’t consider myself an expert in any way)

this blog will also be about art. mine, i guess. that depends. since it’s my first blog, i’m still a little unsure about copyright and stuff. my resolution for the next months: get educated on that. i should be, anyway. so, talk to you about it, when i know more.

this blog will be about food. i am a serious food lover and will be posting about good stuff, recipes, whatever will come to mind.

over all, this blog will be about life. i will be moving out soon and going to university. and as time consuming as it may be, i’m about to make an own category about studying and life as a student in germany. yes, i am german, by the way. haven’t i already mentioned that? anyway. keep reading!

Crash Into You

so. this is hello, i guess. [insert awkward silence]
this is   well, i do you know the feeling when you’re under the sudden urge to start something new, you feel like nothing can stop you and whatever you imagine will just work out great?

yeah, i kinda felt like that about blogging, for some time. so i’ve actually started my own blog. and i know that this is supposed to be some kind of blog-topic-summary and stuff. but to be true, i really don’t have a clue yet as to which thoughts will be posted or if it’s going to be more about actual graspable things like movies or those recipe-sites.
you will probably find recipes, though, if you just stick around long enough.

the only thing really that i can tell you about myself: i love music, i love painting stuff but don’t do it often enough and i somehow feel like i should practice being more creative. and i don’t mean having more ideas or so, but literally b e i n g  c r e a t i v e. making stuff rather than thinking about it. blogging.

and i’m going to take the easy road, for now. i will most likely just be living my life, searching for former clarities and kinda give you (as evert-diary-ish as that sounds) an insight into what is occupying my mind and heart and ear; short posts or huge texts or images and even a rant from time to time, e.g. about germany’s mail company, failing to deliver one v e r y important university application on time. so that, today, i find, there’s no chance at all (!) of getting accepted at said (and anyway self-righteous) university, anymore! but not today.

dear person still reading this, i hereby invite you to stick around and just share your thoughts on whatever i share with you. feel free to ask me stuff in the comments.