Crash Into You

so. this is hello, i guess. [insert awkward silence]
this is   well, i do you know the feeling when you’re under the sudden urge to start something new, you feel like nothing can stop you and whatever you imagine will just work out great?

yeah, i kinda felt like that about blogging, for some time. so i’ve actually started my own blog. and i know that this is supposed to be some kind of blog-topic-summary and stuff. but to be true, i really don’t have a clue yet as to which thoughts will be posted or if it’s going to be more about actual graspable things like movies or those recipe-sites.
you will probably find recipes, though, if you just stick around long enough.

the only thing really that i can tell you about myself: i love music, i love painting stuff but don’t do it often enough and i somehow feel like i should practice being more creative. and i don’t mean having more ideas or so, but literally b e i n g  c r e a t i v e. making stuff rather than thinking about it. blogging.

and i’m going to take the easy road, for now. i will most likely just be living my life, searching for former clarities and kinda give you (as evert-diary-ish as that sounds) an insight into what is occupying my mind and heart and ear; short posts or huge texts or images and even a rant from time to time, e.g. about germany’s mail company, failing to deliver one v e r y important university application on time. so that, today, i find, there’s no chance at all (!) of getting accepted at said (and anyway self-righteous) university, anymore! but not today.

dear person still reading this, i hereby invite you to stick around and just share your thoughts on whatever i share with you. feel free to ask me stuff in the comments.


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