Between Order And Randomness


i feel like that first post of mine turned out sort of wrong. it was supposed to be some kind of: “what-you’ll-find” thing, but it seems there is need for an introduction to the introduction.

so, instead of editing that post, i will just specify myself, now.

this blog will be about music. i want to maybe show you great artists you haven’t heard of. (although i don’t consider myself an expert in any way)

this blog will also be about art. mine, i guess. that depends. since it’s my first blog, i’m still a little unsure about copyright and stuff. my resolution for the next months: get educated on that. i should be, anyway. so, talk to you about it, when i know more.

this blog will be about food. i am a serious food lover and will be posting about good stuff, recipes, whatever will come to mind.

over all, this blog will be about life. i will be moving out soon and going to university. and as time consuming as it may be, i’m about to make an own category about studying and life as a student in germany. yes, i am german, by the way. haven’t i already mentioned that? anyway. keep reading!

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