You Are A Vapour Trail

first you look so strong, then you fade away / the sun will blind my eyes / i love you anyway
thirsting for your smile / i loved you for a while / you are a vapour trail / in a deep blue sky

to be honest, i got a little hooked on trespassers william, recently. as i go on listening to more and more of their songs, i just really hate that they disbanded a while ago. their version of vapour trail is my current favourite, and it has somehow inspired me to doodle a little bit, in the first place. i started with a circa-fifteen-stroke-draft of the above hand on my notebook, and then i just went on. i wanted the fingertips to be placed on a reflective surface – much like a mirror, or metal, maybe. but as i started developing an actual hand, i got terribly lazy (and a hand on a mirror is a little cliché, after all). painting with only the average notebook touchpad and a free image manipulation program that i’m not even able to use properly can become quite time-consuming.

so, here’s my first actual visual contribution to this blog. it’s basically a sketch with some texture, but i liked the colours in the end and thought: well here’s a tiny piece of creation, and then there’s my blog, in lack thereof. so, do you like it?