We Are Two

we are two
in standing dawn
and we can’t see
but the silhouettes of life

we press our feet into the ground
like we’ve never felt, before
like desert is watered now
and night glows



An Atheist’s Quick Thought On God

as i’m preparing to leave for classes, i’m often listening to a list of favourite songs, most of which are really melancholic (at least that’s what others keep saying. i enjoy them. i don’t get why others don’t.) and just now, as “say when” by the fray is playing, i catch myself singing along for the millionth time, singing “maybe god can be on both sides of the gun”.

but i’ve actually thought about this line for the first time, now. and i doubt it.

god is not on both sides of the gun. i’m no expert speaking, but of how i like to think of god, he wouldn’t be standing on either side. right? i mean, he’s not absent, he must be there, somewhere, but i think he wouldn’t be held at gunpoint. and he would most certainly not shoot. he has his ways, but he doesn’t need guns for them.

i believe that when a gun separates the world into two places, and if a god exists, god is there, like a single pair of watching eyes, triggering qualms.

what do you think? am i even making sense here?


when you sing / when you sing / stars fill up my eyes / galaxies pour down my cheeks
they flood the street / galaxies

this one is inspired by “galaxies” (who knew?), a laura veirs song that i currently like a lot. in fact, i have been picturing this scene whenever i heard the lyrics, and since they’re so extraordinarily beautiful, i thought i had to at least share them with you (plus the picture). unfortunately, the eyes didn’t come out the way i had originally planned – however, the message should be clear.

again, this picture was supposed to become “galactic”, but ended up half done, because it’s 2 am on a school night, i’m a busy student and frankly, i’m done with it for today. this is all i can give you, i hope you like it (or at least the song. now, you’ve got to listen to the song).

until next time, sleep tight, everyone!

[Love, Save The Empty] One

apparently, this seems to be the only way of life: coming and going. an infinite series of hellos and goodbyes. a long night’s walk through neverending fields of grey with nothing but a flashlight and the frosty crackling of ice beneath her feet.

she tried to remember how she got here, and whether there had been any clarity in her existence, before. she’s certain that there must be a beginning to all this, somewhere, but it seems impossible to recount the memories, as they drift and blur in her mind, until becoming completely intangible – damp breaths amongst dull masses of fog.

the furthest memory available to her is actually a feeling of fascination. she remembers fresh, congealing air, a shiver, and a dive into that captivating darkness that wasn’t just absence of light, anymore. she had been so cold. with a bright buzzing sound in her ears, singing along, she felt the harsh wind take the pain and the aguish heat off her cheeks, when she stepped out of somewhere into vastness, this impossibly beautiful vastness. the flashlight that lay heavily in her hand – she turned it on. it clicked as expected. whatever way its beam pointed, now, it soaked the air in warm light and the darkness began to gleam, revealing no more, but alluring.

and so she wandered for years. fascination has faded, since then. she recalls how her fingertips and toes turned blue, eventually. and that sneaky, weakening cough made her wish for another fever. she knew, now: she had stepped out to find something else, another adventure, maybe. however, the light cone had revealed nothing but fog – more fog behind the old fog. she tried out calling for help, but the world lay in silence. she kept on repeating her own name, over and over, for it was the only thing she remembered for sure, but had to give up when she lost her voice to the chill.

it seemed, the light’s range and colour have dwindled, as well. sometimes, it appeared to her as if the air around was glowing all by itself and she was a shadow inside. she herself had become that eerie gloom on her way through the blind fields. she would now spend her days walking, observing the darkness that came out of her lamp, following its stiff stare, forced to turn wherever it pointed. it had become her only eye, following her every movement, nearly blind as well – but watching, at least.