An Atheist’s Quick Thought On God

as i’m preparing to leave for classes, i’m often listening to a list of favourite songs, most of which are really melancholic (at least that’s what others keep saying. i enjoy them. i don’t get why others don’t.) and just now, as “say when” by the fray is playing, i catch myself singing along for the millionth time, singing “maybe god can be on both sides of the gun”.

but i’ve actually thought about this line for the first time, now. and i doubt it.

god is not on both sides of the gun. i’m no expert speaking, but of how i like to think of god, he wouldn’t be standing on either side. right? i mean, he’s not absent, he must be there, somewhere, but i think he wouldn’t be held at gunpoint. and he would most certainly not shoot. he has his ways, but he doesn’t need guns for them.

i believe that when a gun separates the world into two places, and if a god exists, god is there, like a single pair of watching eyes, triggering qualms.

what do you think? am i even making sense here?

say something

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