when you sing / when you sing / stars fill up my eyes / galaxies pour down my cheeks
they flood the street / galaxies

this one is inspired by “galaxies” (who knew?), a laura veirs song that i currently like a lot. in fact, i have been picturing this scene whenever i heard the lyrics, and since they’re so extraordinarily beautiful, i thought i had to at least share them with you (plus the picture). unfortunately, the eyes didn’t come out the way i had originally planned – however, the message should be clear.

again, this picture was supposed to become “galactic”, but ended up half done, because it’s 2 am on a school night, i’m a busy student and frankly, i’m done with it for today. this is all i can give you, i hope you like it (or at least the song. now, you’ve got to listen to the song).

until next time, sleep tight, everyone!

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