All That I Am – I Am Not

you know, i believe in right and wrong.

still, i always see the good in people. i’m an optimist.
i believe that things will turn out well in the end.
i know where to start. i believe we can change this world through communication.
i believe we can change.

i’m also motivated. i gladly accept challenges to prove my dedication. i have the drive to change this planet for the better. i believe in this life and the opportunities it brings. i’m an over-achiever and i make my parents proud. i dream big. i see it all through. i work hard and hard work makes me happy. i can take a setback. i’ll always carry on.

i’m a fighter, because i’m strong and my body is healthy and young. i am carefree because i’m invincible. i am courageous. i can take good care of myself and others in need. i know my strengths.

i look back happily on my choices in life. i know where to go. i feel confident inside my own skin. i belong. i’m unique and i am loved for it. i am beautiful. i am talented. i am gracious.
i am deserving.

i am truly happy.

you know, there’s just one thing: that i am not.

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