The Same Deep Water As You

daily post: take care.

on a bathroom stall door at university,
someone scribbled a phrase that goes like this: “some laugh, only to not have to cry.” *

asking for help is all about the fine line between hiding away and baring too much.
one has to keep up appearances, after all. and it’s never safe to open up.

so, when someone around is unwell, do you allow yourself to take care of them? or do you prefer to stay out of it? what does it take for you to listen?

i think people should start listening more. they would find that many who seem to “soldier on alone” are just going unnoticed.


* in german, it actually rhymes and flows much better.

ps: it’s a shame, really. i would have liked to write more, tonight, but finals are keeping me busy and i can only do so much in a day. i’ll post the usual splinter of fiction, later, though.

3 thoughts on “The Same Deep Water As You

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