Valentine’s Day Is Over

daily prompt: moment of kindness.

feb 15th.

you got up early, today.
and left a note under your used breakfast plate.
it says:

sorry i had to leave so early, today;
would have loved to bring you breakfast in bed, again.
to make up: just press the button on the coffee maker, it’s all prepared.
i sort of love you, my late sleeper!

and a smiley face.

i pick up the biro and add:
i love you, too.

and a little heart.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is Over

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    • in germany, we say “in der kürze liegt die würze”. translated literally, it means “in brevity lies the zest” <– i don't know though, if i chose the right words, here… 🙂

      i tried to follow this saying, and i'm glad you liked it!

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