Choosing My Own Way Of Life

this time in response to two daily prompts
misfit posts and morality play.

i vaguely remember a quote that i read somewhere:
for me, maturity is when a person hurts you
and you try to understand their situation
rather than hurting them back.
if this is not maturity, then i wish it were.

when i was a little girl, inconsequence used to piss me off, really bad. in the horoscopes they said beware the scorpion child. i saw mistakes in everyone. i notcied how not one could meet the standards they set for others. they all wanted honesty and loyalty and love, but all they did was lie and betray and hate.
justice is for the just, i thought. i was unforgiving.

“when i grow up”, i promised myself, “i’m going to keep my promises.”

so, i’ve grown up. and i’ve learned it’s not so easy. life has turned out to be immense and multidimensional, and that makes judgement all the more confusing. i still see people who don’t measure up. there are still a lot of them. but i’m rarely angry.
i try to understand.
i see their struggles and i truly believe that when they hurt others, they just focus too hard on something most important to them. and today, this really pains me, because i know the feeling and i don’t want anyone in the world to feel like that.

they are all good people, inside. and they should not suffer because of it.
but life’s like that, the angry bull doesn’t really care whether you’re vegetarian.

so what does it matter what i think is right? what use is it to fight over moral sources? once i’ll vanish from this planet, my beliefs will vanish with me, and all i could try to leave behind are the consequences of my actions.

“while i grow old, i want to decide so, that people around me live a better life.”
it’s an ambitious goal, sure.

but they say beware the scorpion child,
and they know why.

4 thoughts on “Choosing My Own Way Of Life

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