4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)

daily prompt: travelling

ELEVEN PM you zip up your suitcases. this is it. already you wonder
how in the world are you going to carry them around?

TWELVE AM you’re in bed, ready to sleep. the alarm is set. you forgot nothing
or did you?

ONE THIRTY AM you’re awake. you’re excited
will you sleep at all, tonight?

TWO AM the alarm goes off. you think
the best ten minutes of sleep.

THREE THIRTY-FIVE AM the road is wet. it’s an unlikely time to drive on
the first day on a brand new planet.

QUARTER PAST FOUR AM echoes in the hallways. please do not leave
your baggage unattended.

FOUR THIRTY AM you reach gate sixty-one. outside, vast airfields
they look like the ocean at sunrise.

FIVE AM boards the plane.
the smell of freedom tastes like jet fuel and rain.

SEVEN AM the engines tuck you in.

SEVEN O FIVE AM you dream of one thousand lakes and remember
you forgot the plug adapter.

SEVEN O SIX AM you browse through the on-board entertainment system.
how do you say plug adapter in french?

NINE AM you change planes. people everywhere, terminal two, hall  a      b      c
amazing how many people move places every day.

NINE THRITY AM you watch twenty-one, but the sound is off, so you close your eyes.
the engines deaden all noise.

HALF PAST TWELVE PM they serve pastries. you wanted chicken, got tomato instead.
but it’s like breakfast in bed.

ONE THIRTY PM they serve drinks, again. they didn’t mean to wake you.
you just figured that by midnight, you will have been awake
for nearly forty-eight hours straight.

THREE PM SHARP they serve muffins. you rub your eyes.
it smells like a bakery in here, only louder. does that even make sense?

QUARTER PAST THREE PM your butt cheeks feel a little numb.
the seatbelt sign comes on.
you realize you really need to pee.

THREE THIRTY PM you can see the sunlight turn lakes and rivers below into liquid gold.
this is why you’re still alive.

FIVE PM is actually eleven am in montreal. you get on a big shuttle bus, luggage in hand and fall into the burning seats. that sticky summer air smells a lot like dust and plastic.
you’re in canada, in canada, in canada. you’re really in canada!
so this is what it feels like. oh look.
you’re in canada. you’re finally in canada. everything is so… vast.
this is amazing.

god, i love this country.montreal skyline

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