Nobody Taught Us To Quit

daily prompt: we can be taught.

i’ve learned a couple of lessons in my life. some really didn’t come cheap.
but there are a lot of questions left, questions that bother me.
and i search for answers.

nobody taught us to quit. it’s true. no one ever told us.
they say there’s always the easy choice and the right choice.
i wonder: is there a point when giving up becomes the better choice?
will it ever be alright to throw in the towel?

or do i have to be ashamed to give up on something?
is it even my choice, eventually?
if not, who’s to decide, then?
will my loved ones pressure me into something, and not be aware of it?
will i pressure myself because i believe it’s better for someone else?
will it truly be better for them?
or will i make it worse?

is it even worth it, anymore?

knowing how and when to let go is universally important.
so how come no one can tell the proper way to do it?
how come humans are not born with the ability to make sense of it all?

but maybe we are. maybe we just need practise.
and maybe this is what we have to teach ourselves.

now if you’ll excuse me, i have some giving up to do.

5 thoughts on “Nobody Taught Us To Quit

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