Pillars Of Salt

daily prompt: without.

“who will survive and what will be left of them”


Wreck Of The Day

by fine looms of amber  ll     remember the liquid gold   ll  plow up your pretty pink
you fondle the flames           those long lost luxuries     ll   for on this pyre it will claim
to fuse in their heat               what if                                l   your passion and flesh
                                              they linger buried
pray, you know                      within you                        lllll  go spill your sickening scarlet
your patina peels off                                                        lll soiled with sorrow and age
                                              if only to your irish green
you blend in your blue           irises they are                       say, what is it now to you
but nobody buys it          lllll   invisible                                 if not all the same stabbing pains.

Lists, Plans / Weeks Go By Like Days

hello there.
in july 2012, i started blogging, simply because i felt like it.
i really had no clue.

most of the things i predicted to write about, i have never mentioned, again. there’s an entire category, called “tastiness” that sleeps between my unfinished drafts, patiently waiting to be used. the planned one about university life does not even exist.

instead, i have written some fiction and responded to daily prompts, because they’re such a good substitute for original inspiration. i’ve talked about things that are important to me and i’ve even mentioned songs or artists, once or twice.

one year has passed, now, since i decided to publish more than status messages. and i’ve heard somewhere that you should get rid of any clutter you don’t use
over the course of one year.
so: i suppose, i will never write about recipes, like i said i would. i won’t purposely write about my life as a student. because i just don’t believe it fits very well, next to dark pencil drawings and poems about what really stirs me.

and because i just never cook real stuff when by myself.


also, i have to announce my going into a sort of hiatus for around four weeks.
it might not always be obvious, but each post takes me quite some time to write, and the sketches are not drawn in an instant. it’s just that i’m very cautious about my entries.

however, i don’t shy away from this sort of work. i enjoy it.
and what’s even worse: i use it to procrastinate.
over the last weeks, i thought i could just write less or less often and study more,
but that didn’t work, of course.

so, that’s why the following four weeks will be dedicated to my studies, entirely.
well, i will probably post here, anyway. but i’ll try to be very minimalistic about it.
(the number of surplus posts until august 14th
is going to reveal the degree to which i fail my resolution…)

still, i’m afraid this site will fade into oblivion, so might i suggest the sidebar on the right that holds all my dusty archives and the most popular posts?

you could find something you like.


daily prompt: opposite.

opposite view

i love the time and in between / the calm inside me / in this space where i can breathe / i believe there is a distance / i have wandered / to touch upon the years / reaching out and reaching in / holding out, holding in / i believe / this is heaven to no one else but me / and i’ll defend it as long as i can be / left here to linger in silence

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