A Multitude Of Casualties

daily prompt: freaky friday.

it was a real fight at first.
but yesterday, i finally caught the little beast. i caged it in an empty glass on my bedside table, taped the edges and then i watched it die a horrible, crippling death. Continue reading


The Other Half Of Me

daily prompt: mirror mirror.

mirror mirror

when i look in the mirror, i do it, because i must.

i don’t like to be looked at, especially not by someone
who knows me almost as well as i know myself.

i cannot repress what i know of, when i look in the mirror.
i must reveal every wrinkle, every scar and every imperfection
and be reminded where they came from
and that – perhaps – i had it coming.

when i look in the mirror
i see who i have been
who i am, today
and who i will be

when time comes
and takes what is yet left.

Believe Me, I’m Lying

daily prompt: a mystery

“what do you think?”
zoe stood in the bedroom door frame, her arms a little stiff, as if the petrol dress she wore had been freshly painted onto her body.
“it’s nice.”
“really? don’t you think it will be too much?”
“you’ll be fine.”
she walked over to the floor-length mirror and started tugging at the seams. “i don’t think it fits me well. and should i wear the dangly earrings?” when i didn’t reply, she turned to me and waited, until i noticed her stare. Continue reading

To Wish Impossible Things

sometimes it feels like it was yesterday,                           daily prompt: 21st-century-citizen.
sometimes it feels like someone else’s memory.

an air of purity had surrounded her, when she first noticed me. i was sitting across the fire, and through the flames, i looked over to her, from time to time

wondering where she came from
wondering how many people were in love with her.

and then she noticed. i was embarrassed to stare at her, but her rather tragic face lit up when she smiled, and i couldn’t turn away. she reminded me of sophy gray, who once sat for millais, as a young girl.
oh god, she was hautingly beautiful. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Is Over

daily prompt: moment of kindness.

feb 15th.

you got up early, today.
and left a note under your used breakfast plate.
it says:

sorry i had to leave so early, today;
would have loved to bring you breakfast in bed, again.
to make up: just press the button on the coffee maker, it’s all prepared.
i sort of love you, my late sleeper!

and a smiley face.

i pick up the biro and add:
i love you, too.

and a little heart.