Family Affair

daily prompt: divided.


i help to dry your body / and i see the cut / so i give you a plaster /
and we cover it up / i say “have you been crying” / and you say “shut up” //

don’t you want to share the guilt?

lyrics are borrowed from kate nash


Pillars Of Salt

daily prompt: without.

“who will survive and what will be left of them”


daily prompt: opposite.

opposite view

i love the time and in between / the calm inside me / in this space where i can breathe / i believe there is a distance / i have wandered / to touch upon the years / reaching out and reaching in / holding out, holding in / i believe / this is heaven to no one else but me / and i’ll defend it as long as i can be / left here to linger in silence

sarah mclachlan – elsewhere

It Gets The Worst At Night

daily prompt: rolling stone


headlights / highways / your life collides with mine
we’re stepping into shelter / movin out of shadow / we made some wrong moves
along the way / oh we might have strayed / will i forget your face / and your fluid gait
or will i / will i stare into the stillness / this is where i miss you / so long / headlights

headlights – dispatch