Ocean Of Noise

l                                    why “dull”  i wonder
l                                why “never”  if you lied and
l                             why “mistake”  if you chose freely
lll                          why not “sorry”  when you‘re in denial
lllll                      why not “steady”  what is left of us
l                            why not “truth”  but noise?

l                               daily prompt: liar liar


A Multitude Of Casualties

daily prompt: freaky friday.

it was a real fight at first.
but yesterday, i finally caught the little beast. i caged it in an empty glass on my bedside table, taped the edges and then i watched it die a horrible, crippling death. Continue reading

I Can’t See You, But I Know You’re There

    daily prompt: keep out.

one look could tell eyes closed
everything               you left me
we needed no words l  outside

oh but    of course you’re there
of course we did            oh but

each look told lies      blinded
nothing                 i could never
we dared to say         let you in

was true                 l      entirely


Believe Me, I’m Lying

daily prompt: a mystery

“what do you think?”
zoe stood in the bedroom door frame, her arms a little stiff, as if the petrol dress she wore had been freshly painted onto her body.
“it’s nice.”
“really? don’t you think it will be too much?”
“you’ll be fine.”
she walked over to the floor-length mirror and started tugging at the seams. “i don’t think it fits me well. and should i wear the dangly earrings?” when i didn’t reply, she turned to me and waited, until i noticed her stare. Continue reading