.    don’t free me.                don’t lure me.                       don’t miss me.
you know this heavy cord   you know your words         please
.    around my feet              they’re sticky           if i loved you even more
.          it hurts to soar     it hurts to hear their truth    i might give up
.        but i’m afraid                but i’m afraid                      but i’m afraid
.             i might drift off                i might believe     it hurts to miss
.        if i let it go                if i listened to you                  and my dear
.              please                            please                you know i couldn’t make you
.       don’t free me.                  don’t lure me.                                               miss me.


Family Affair

daily prompt: divided.


i help to dry your body / and i see the cut / so i give you a plaster /
and we cover it up / i say “have you been crying” / and you say “shut up” //

don’t you want to share the guilt?

lyrics are borrowed from kate nash

Where Not To Look For Freedom

daily prompt: singular

please help me understand
this wicked planet’s turning
to show my aching soul
which pasts won’t be restored
and what is lost, forever.

then maybe i might know
where not to look for freedom.

or please let me erase
the memories that made me
the person i am, now.
return my childish faith
where reason never mattered.

for once, i might not care
where not to look for freedom.

posts are getting shorter by the day.
can’t help it. am very busy.

These Streets Are Yours

i had a dream       l       was it a dream?              i had a dream                   was it a dream?
you said to me     ll       you said to me                you said to me     l            you said to me
all is well              l        hello                       lll       nothing real          lllll         silently
you said                        you said                          you said                            you said

it was.                           like before.                      all the same.                     beware.

so i won’t show my face here, anymore.

daily prompt: earworm.