Last Known Surroundings

daily prompt: the artist’s eye.

is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to?
one? hundreds.
it was tough to choose only one. here it is.

bildnis amalie zuckerkandlthe portrait of amalie zuckerkandl, painted by gustav klimt.

i wish i were a critic or something, maybe i could describe what it is that captures me about this portrait.
it is unfinished.
it’s sad, even though the canvas is covered in pink and turquoise.
all the colours in the world merge on her skin, and yet she seems to faint.
her eyes speak volumes about how she knows so much but dares to tell so little.
it’s war.

* *** *

when i first saw it during my graduation trip in vienna, i was hooked, immediately.
i read that klimt died in 1918. he never had a chance to finish this portrait.
i sometimes wonder if her dress would have been as black as the ribbon around her neck.
but i can’t imagine anything else than the naked canvas for her gown.
it really emphasizes her expression.

and maybe the painter wondered the same thing.
maybe that’s why he cautiously worked out every detail of her bare skin
and died, before he could think of a shroud.


when you sing / when you sing / stars fill up my eyes / galaxies pour down my cheeks
they flood the street / galaxies

this one is inspired by “galaxies” (who knew?), a laura veirs song that i currently like a lot. in fact, i have been picturing this scene whenever i heard the lyrics, and since they’re so extraordinarily beautiful, i thought i had to at least share them with you (plus the picture). unfortunately, the eyes didn’t come out the way i had originally planned – however, the message should be clear.

again, this picture was supposed to become “galactic”, but ended up half done, because it’s 2 am on a school night, i’m a busy student and frankly, i’m done with it for today. this is all i can give you, i hope you like it (or at least the song. now, you’ve got to listen to the song).

until next time, sleep tight, everyone!

You Are A Vapour Trail

first you look so strong, then you fade away / the sun will blind my eyes / i love you anyway
thirsting for your smile / i loved you for a while / you are a vapour trail / in a deep blue sky

to be honest, i got a little hooked on trespassers william, recently. as i go on listening to more and more of their songs, i just really hate that they disbanded a while ago. their version of vapour trail is my current favourite, and it has somehow inspired me to doodle a little bit, in the first place. i started with a circa-fifteen-stroke-draft of the above hand on my notebook, and then i just went on. i wanted the fingertips to be placed on a reflective surface – much like a mirror, or metal, maybe. but as i started developing an actual hand, i got terribly lazy (and a hand on a mirror is a little cliché, after all). painting with only the average notebook touchpad and a free image manipulation program that i’m not even able to use properly can become quite time-consuming.

so, here’s my first actual visual contribution to this blog. it’s basically a sketch with some texture, but i liked the colours in the end and thought: well here’s a tiny piece of creation, and then there’s my blog, in lack thereof. so, do you like it?