Resolve, Repeat

lll         revisit the places
l            revive our faces
l            tie those ripped up laces
l                     recover your grace
l                        resetting the paces

lll                rehearsing the phrases
llll                        fill these empty spaces
llll                              remove every trace

daily prompt: groundhog day

Ocean Of Noise

l                                    why “dull”  i wonder
l                                why “never”  if you lied and
l                             why “mistake”  if you chose freely
lll                          why not “sorry”  when you‘re in denial
lllll                      why not “steady”  what is left of us
l                            why not “truth”  but noise?

l                               daily prompt: liar liar


.    don’t free me.                don’t lure me.                       don’t miss me.
you know this heavy cord   you know your words         please
.    around my feet              they’re sticky           if i loved you even more
.          it hurts to soar     it hurts to hear their truth    i might give up
.        but i’m afraid                but i’m afraid                      but i’m afraid
.             i might drift off                i might believe     it hurts to miss
.        if i let it go                if i listened to you                  and my dear
.              please                            please                you know i couldn’t make you
.       don’t free me.                  don’t lure me.                                               miss me.

A Multitude Of Casualties

daily prompt: freaky friday.

it was a real fight at first.
but yesterday, i finally caught the little beast. i caged it in an empty glass on my bedside table, taped the edges and then i watched it die a horrible, crippling death. Continue reading