It’s My Heart You’re Dealing With

daily prompt: love to love you

i’d love to say        i’ve been through this before
you’re bringing out the best in me        and i promised myself
but somehow         i never let anyone so near that
i’m my worst self today         my scarred, broken skin shows
                         and i turn into a joke
oh if you’d only seen me yesterday        because it hurt so much
when i was careless, strong and free       i promised i would heal
i felt like i was seventeen        and began again
but most of all        wiser
i felt awake        stronger
oh         had you seen me yesterday
you were my little secret        i danced in the fitting room
i didn’t dare to tell the world        how lucky i was
how grateful i were        if you’d seen the minidress i bought for you
how i owed you        if only i had told you
          i was borrowing you lovely glow
and claiming it as mine         would we be talking now?
and now you won’t answer        is it because we disagreed, last week?
you won’t call me back        i know i’m making it worse but
all this being awake        it’s already bad
becomes too much        and i don’t care
 i regret it         so if i said something wrong
 and my head spins, please        let me take it back
 and i feel cold and sick        because i will
hurt and i can’t think         i’m begging you
 one painful truth         please tell me this
won’t let me be       i know i can pull myself together
                           and go on, but it hurts
is this my fault, again?        and                
am i driving you off?        do i really have to?



.    don’t free me.                don’t lure me.                       don’t miss me.
you know this heavy cord   you know your words         please
.    around my feet              they’re sticky           if i loved you even more
.          it hurts to soar     it hurts to hear their truth    i might give up
.        but i’m afraid                but i’m afraid                      but i’m afraid
.             i might drift off                i might believe     it hurts to miss
.        if i let it go                if i listened to you                  and my dear
.              please                            please                you know i couldn’t make you
.       don’t free me.                  don’t lure me.                                               miss me.

Family Affair

daily prompt: divided.


i help to dry your body / and i see the cut / so i give you a plaster /
and we cover it up / i say “have you been crying” / and you say “shut up” //

don’t you want to share the guilt?

lyrics are borrowed from kate nash

Wreck Of The Day

by fine looms of amber  ll     remember the liquid gold   ll  plow up your pretty pink
you fondle the flames           those long lost luxuries     ll   for on this pyre it will claim
to fuse in their heat               what if                                l   your passion and flesh
                                              they linger buried
pray, you know                      within you                        lllll  go spill your sickening scarlet
your patina peels off                                                        lll soiled with sorrow and age
                                              if only to your irish green
you blend in your blue           irises they are                       say, what is it now to you
but nobody buys it          lllll   invisible                                 if not all the same stabbing pains.

Believe Me, I’m Lying

daily prompt: a mystery

“what do you think?”
zoe stood in the bedroom door frame, her arms a little stiff, as if the petrol dress she wore had been freshly painted onto her body.
“it’s nice.”
“really? don’t you think it will be too much?”
“you’ll be fine.”
she walked over to the floor-length mirror and started tugging at the seams. “i don’t think it fits me well. and should i wear the dangly earrings?” when i didn’t reply, she turned to me and waited, until i noticed her stare. Continue reading